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Rasnov City

It is located in the south-western part of Tara Barsei (Barsei Depression) at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains and at the Nordic end of the Rucar Bran Pass and Cheia Predeal. The history of Rasnov begins more than 2000 years ago when the Dacians cumidavensi lived on the territory of the locality. The ancient name of Rasnov is “Komidava”, the Latinized toponym became “Cumidava”, and under this form appears for the first time mentioned on a stone monument during the time of Emperor Alexander Severus. The first documentary testimony of Rasnov appears in 1331 under the name “Rosnou”, and in the chronicles and subsequent documents it appears under the names of “Rosnow” (1343), “Rasnow” (1377), “Rosinov” (1377) Rosarum “(1388),” Rosenau “,” Rajnov “, and in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age is mentioned as one of the 12 villages that formed the Brasov district mentioned in documents in 1377. The root of the toponyme means” rose ” in Latin, as well as Slavic and German. Moreover, since the Middle Ages, the rose has been chosen as the emblem of the settlement. The medieval history of Rasnov was dictated by the dynamics of the Bran road, the intensity of the commercial traffic in the passage of Bran, as well as the numerous invasions from the south of the Carpathians.